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Synonyms for forbear


Synonyms for forbear

to hold oneself back

Synonyms for forbear

a person from whom you are descended

refrain from doing


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The disclosure of Mab's whereabouts trembled on Daylight's lips, but he forbore.
Martin followed the processes of her thoughts, but forbore to go farther.
He attempted to follow up, but wisely forbore and contented himself with blocking and covering up in the whirlwind his blow had raised.
There were three minnows in the pool, which was too large to drain; and after several ineffectual attempts to catch them in the tin bucket he forbore.
The Bishop was silent, and for once Ernest forbore to press the point.
She locked her door, but forbore, on this occasion, to fasten the bolts.
I grasped my whip with more determined energy than before - but still forbore to raise it, and rode on in silence, waiting for some more tangible cause of offence, before I opened the floodgates of my soul and poured out the dammed-up fury that was foaming and swelling within.
They shut the gate after entering the inclosure, but carefully forbore to lock it as well, and carefully restricted their walk to the westward side of the garden.
It was the cherished belief of each that he did more than his share of the work, and neither forbore to speak this belief at every opportunity.
Whereat he looked puzzled and doubtful, and forbore to press the point further.
One of this young couple, and that one your nephew, fearful, however, that in the tenderness of your affection for him you would be bitterly disappointed by so wide a departure from his projected life, forbore to tell you the secret, for a few days, and left it to be disclosed by me, when I should come down to speak to you, and he would be gone.
Being old and sly, I forbore to call out; but being also, unfortunately, old and heavy, my feet betrayed me on the gravel.
He forbore touching that mystery out of love, timidity, and indolence.