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Synonyms for forbidding

Synonyms for forbidding

so disagreeable as to discourage approach

Synonyms for forbidding

an official prohibition or edict against something

harshly uninviting or formidable in manner or appearance


Related Words

threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments

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Even the mere history of the United States of America vis-a-vis the history of Africa forbiddingly obliges us not to designate Africa as such
But his unexpected response marked a turning point in his fledgling career: "The gallery looked forbiddingly classy and the large paintings were hung round the walls each with its carefully tuned soft lighting--and I could not see them as art at all.
This reward, which she feels in her body's letting go of the inadequacies and shame she had felt in relation to her language, is given her because she has made so much effort to adapt to a place and its customs when they had felt forbiddingly foreign to her.
Dorman described Dodge as "a devoted friend and loyal servant of AUB," and an "impressive and forbiddingly tall figure, but a wonderfully welcoming man, with a broad smile, a hearty laugh, and a generosity of heart.
Yet, there are grounds for hope in the fact that "every thing has its own vortex" and participates in this duality--not just persons but their cultural analogues, forbiddingly sealed-off ideologies and seemingly free-standing beliefs and customs supposed to have existed, in a staple phrase of Whig Establishment ideology, "since time out of mind.
even the allegedly good news of the conclusion is forbiddingly bad, and
For patients who want to be treated like customers rather than refugees, for people who seek dignity and comfort, public systems are forbiddingly expensive.
In 'settler city'--Grahamstown--the faces of black poverty and white wealth, African illiteracy and western enlightenment, gaze forbiddingly at each other from opposing banks of a stinking stream as they have done for close on 200 years .
Forbiddingly, one is no longer a crumb on the skirt of the universe but rather anode of the Worldwide Web.
Whenever we were in Whitby, the crowds had already beaten us to the black and white building by the harbourside, and the queues were forbiddingly long.
79) results in a forbiddingly convoluted discussion of the Parson and his tale, which perhaps only an aficionado would appreciate.
We both needed a breather before the sweets, most of which sounded forbiddingly heavy.
Two days later, I was in the forbiddingly titled Trauma Clinic, meeting my surgeon for the first time.
Finally, if the narrator's elevated position within the first "temple" put him in a hellish realm of Old Testament-like oppression (Egypt, the Wilderness), his position in the second "temple" is a heavenly realm of communal enjoyment--a warmly inclusive ecclesia instead of a forbiddingly exclusive synagoga.
China's first train from Beijing to Tibet turned heads as it made its slow climb from the nation's capital to the forbiddingly high Tanggula Pass in the Himalayan region.