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In fact, this system could become the forbearer of a joint services DMT in the next 10 years.
Featuring more than 500 companies and organizations, CEATEC JAPAN serves as the forbearer to many U.
Throughout my tenure in the Senate, I learned that the best leadership is mined through consensus and that consensus is the forbearer of progress.
Tom has worked the land all his life, following the old farming ways of his forbearers while Giana controls the dairy as well as keeping a keen eye on the poultry.
Leading companies in Big Data are the already making great strides and will surely represent the forbearers of many great solutions yet to come.
I commend the efforts of Oral History Association of South Africa (OHASA) for ensuring that oral history cascades down to schools so that we have active citizens of the future who will not be ignorant of the sacrifices made by our forbearers in the liberation struggle," she said.
Pentland, as did his forbearers, believes that researchers can derive "a causal theory of social structure" leading to "a mathematical explanation for why society reacts as it does and how these reactions may (or may not) solve human problems.
Concentrated mainly in the central belt of the country, our forbearers came from Ireland and the Highlands.
This extraordinary contrivance is responsible for the fight-or-flight response that kept our forbearers alive when confronted by saber-toothed tigers.
Riley makes hope possible for those who remain faithful to the founding principles that made my immigrant forbearers undertake the dangers and hardship necessary to get here.
Our forbearers fought to have that right and to secure it for us and future generations.
Along the way, we developed glass mirrors which permitted our forbearers for the first time (and now you and your family and all others) to truly view ourselves as others see us.
We all benefit from the accumulated knowledge of our forbearers.
As the modern scientific worldview overtook religious thought, our forbearers completely reimagined the natural world.