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Vanstone's life, the secret of the marriage was hers, not mine; and every consideration of delicacy forbade me to disclose it.
You ask, my father, how I came to be married, seeing that Chaka forbade marriage to all his soldiers till they were in middle life and had put the man's ring upon their heads.
The immortal sculptors, painters, and poets have always done exactly what their critics forbade them to do.
Stern was the law which bade its vot'ries leave At human woes with human hearts to grieve; Stern was the law, which at the winning wile Of frank and harmless mirth forbade to smile; But sterner still, when high the iron-rod Of tyrant power she shook, and call'd that power of God.
17 forbade the students to enter the kitchen, or in any way to disturb the servants in the discharge of their duties.
The two sons who survived him loved each other tenderly, and it was a real grief to the elder, Schahriar, that the laws of the empire forbade him to share his dominions with his brother Schahzeman.
He forbade his courtiers to frighten it, and the monkey, noticing how much attention was being paid him, sprang from bough to bough, and at length gradually approached the King, who offered him some food.
If, on the one hand, Rose-Marie- Victoire refused to marry an old man, on the other, the fear of ridicule forbade her to marry a very young one.
His look and gesture forbade discussion, so I came back and told Mina.
After having well beaten him, he forbade him to leave his service without his permission.
Their tempers were mild, but their principles were steady, and while his parent so expressly forbade the connection, they could not allow themselves to encourage it.