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marine microorganism having a calcareous shell with openings where pseudopods protrude

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Our observations demonstrate that coccoliths, and probably also planktonic foraminiferan tests, reach the Challenger Deep intact," said Gooday.
The life forms ranged from coral fragments, to mollusk shells, sea urchin spines, sponge spicules, gastropod shells, and foraminiferan tests.
1999) carried out quantitative analyses of the planktonic foraminiferan Globotruncana in the Klyuchi 1 section (upper part of zone CC26).
Genetic relatedness of foraminiferan (Marginopora vertebralis) populations from reefs in the western Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef.
He established the age of the undifferentiated formation as middle to late Miocene, based upon benthic foraminiferans.
The meta-analysis shows that large benthic foraminiferan species differ in their responses to warming and acidification and that the variation in responses may be influenced by differences in symbiont type (e.
2013) documents a diminishing of the negative effects of ocean acidification with moderate increases in nutrient in the foraminiferan Marginopora rossi.
Symbiodinium, a hyperdiverse taxon comprising nine subgeneric clades (A-I), also forms nutritional symbioses with giant clams, foraminiferans, and other cnidarians (e.
9817[degrees]E), -51 m, sandy mud with astrorhizid foraminiferans, dredged NMDP, RV Meiring Naude, st'n P7, 19.
Meiofaunal foraminiferans from the bathyal Porcupine Seabight (northeast Atlantic): Size structure, standing stock, taxonomic composition, species diversity and vertical distribution in the sediment.
In every sample, there are tens of thousands of protists, including amoebae, ciliates, foraminiferans, flagellates, and dinoflagellates.