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marine microorganism having a calcareous shell with openings where pseudopods protrude

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Paleoenvironmental model for Eocene foraminiferal limstones of the Adriatic carbonate platform (Istrian Peninsula).
In total, 21 samples were analyzed for the foraminiferal fauna (Fig.
Effect of seawater carbonate concentration on foraminiferal carbon and oxygen isotopes.
2002, Paired benthic foraminiferal Cd/Ca and Zn/Ca evidence for a greatly increased presence of southern ocean water in the glacial North Atlantic: Paleoceanography, v.
Board 38 Benthic Foraminiferal Population Distribution off the coast
The Yegua Formation is well constrained through micropaleontological analyses to approximately two million years of the late middle Eocene, spanning the entirety of planktonic foraminiferal zone P14 and part of P15 (Meckel and Galloway 1996).
Bottom currents are generally sluggish to the south (Shannon, 1985), and the seafloor is characterized by quartz sands, diatomaceous ooze, and foraminiferal deposits (Bailey and Rogers, 1997).
In the Sula River section they are represented by crinoid--foraminiferal packstone interbedded with foraminiferal grainstone bearing numerous colonial corals (Fig.
On this connecting theme, and with apologies for a petty comment from my own parish, may I request that subsequent printings of this book--a great and fit work destined to survive and thrive well into the next millennium--correct the numerous palaeontological errors scattered throughout: foraminiferal tests are generally calcareous, not siliceous; Pangaea did not congeal until the late Palaeozoic, and therefore did not exist during the Ordovician and Devonian mass dyings.
A synthesis of Late Oligocene through Miocene deep sea temperatures as inferred from foraminiferal Mg/Ca Ratios (K.
In this article one stratigraphic subsurface section was chosen and subjected to detailed microfacies analysis based mainly on the distribution of Oligo-Miocene foraminiferal assemblages.
Ecostratigraphic trends of Jurassic agglutinated foraminiferal assemblages as a response to sea-level changes in shelf deposits of Svalbard (Norway) // Palaeogeogr.
Coccoliths are formed almost exclusively of calcium carbonate, as most magnesium is expelled by metabolic processes within the cells, whereas foraminiferal shells contain a much higher concentration of magnesium.
White (2002) described the taphonomy of the encrusting foraminiferal fauna in detail and Walker et al.