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a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure

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Most creatures that had a toothy smile with exposed teeth and little if any soft tissue around the mouth, such as crocodiles and their relatives, had more than a hundred small foramina on each bone around the jaw-line.
Firstly, the path of vertebral artery from the C2 to C4 transverse foramina provides the antero-posterior (AP) position for needle placement.
3-7) Sublabral foramina provide an opening to the sublabral recess through which debris can migrate.
Additionally, the sacral foramina may be difficult to visualize under fluoroscopy.
A frequent mechanism of intracranial spread is through the neural foramina, resulting in frequent cranial nerve symptoms, such as blindness, diploplia, facial numbness, and anosmia from nasal carcinomas.
The operation involved enlarging openings, called foramina, in the neck vertebrae, which had been pinching on nerves in his neck.