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a natural opening or perforation through a bone or a membranous structure

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Objective: This study aimed to morphologically investigate the types of position, variation, and asymmetry of the mental foramen.
Keywords: Mental foramen, variations of mandible, accessory mental foramen
Canalis mandibulae'nin cikis yeri olan foramen mentalenin tespiti, tedavi planlamasi, dental implant uygulamalari, endo-dontik tedaviler ve cerrahi mudahaleler icin oldukca onemlidir (1-4).
The thyroid cartilage was cleared of soft tissue and looked for presence of any foramen.
Out of 60 larynges, foramen thyroideum was found in seven larynges (Table 1).
Leon et al reported in his study relation of foramen thyroideum to the oblique line, the foramen thyroideum (FT) was found in a variable position: below (28 cases), right at the upper end (four cases), and above the oblique line (nine cases).
The location of hypoglossal foramen next to the jugular notch was considerably higher in S.
The location of the hypoglossal foramen varied between the two species.
Asymmetry of position of the two anterior most large maxillary foramina: 1- symmetrical; 2- left foramen more anteriorly placed; right foramen more anterior.
All the jaws were inspected by a single observer and it was considered positive for the existence of the conduct of Serres, when it was verified, by means of a simple visual observation of the medial face of the mandibular ramus, the presence of a foramen, followed by a canal oriented antero-inferiorly, of postero-inferior location with regard to the mandibular foramen and that it allowed the introduction of 2mm of an semi rigid metallic instrument with 0.
6% the foramen and the studied canal was present and permeable and this differs considerably to that found in the literature, most of which considers the denominated conduct of Serres as a variation in adult's jaws.
The Brazilian population shows high degree of miscegenation (IBGE, Brazil, 2000) and the literature on the location of the mental foramen in this population is very scarce (de Freitas et al.
Despite this interest a small number of papers has been published on the position of mental foramen in edentulous subjects (Soikkonen et al.
After that, the following results of the foramens in relation to the median plain simmetry were found: a) medial (60,25%); b) lateral (08,11%); c) on the plain (30,64%).
An other important variable that we considered on the anesthetic valuation is the presence of acessory IOFs, which were studied for the first time by Gruber, who described the presence of 5 independent foramens in the end of the infraorbital canal.