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the act of searching for food and provisions


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Foraging behavior in honey bees is determined by a variety of factors.
Given turbidity degrades the quality of visual information, animals relying on visual more heavily than olfactory signals while foraging may be disproportionally affected by turbidity (Allen-Ankins et al.
Canadian researchers compared foraging of walleye--a fish-eating predator adapted to feeding under low-light conditions--and smallmouth bass--a fish and crayfish eater that usually occupies well lit habitats--in different lakes with different water color and clarity.
The effect of the density and physical properties of grass stems on the foraging behaviour and instantaneous intake rate by cattle grazing an artificial reproductive tropical sward.
Contributing to robotics, Kagan and Ben-Gal address foraging and search theories within the same mathematical and algorithmic framework.
For your cows, goats and sheep, which are ruminants, or for your horses, which are hindgut fermenters, all foraging species require a minimum of 30 percent of their diets to be vegetative and forage plant material in order for their digestive systems to function properly.
Washington, Dec 24 ( ANI ): A team of anthropologists has found that the Hadza tribe's movements while foraging can be described by a mathematical pattern called a Levy walk, a pattern that also is found in the movements of many other animals like sharks and honey bees.
Really good foraging places are jealously defended and the last thing Andy wants is competitors muscling in on his territory.
The foraging behaviour of five egret species in four POME ponds at Carey Island, Peninsular Malaysia was observed using 10 x 42 binoculars and digital video camera.
Foraging-predation optima are likely to differ between age classes because juveniles often allocate more time to foraging and are less successful than adults (Breitwisch et al.
Scientists have mapped the foraging ranges of 25 species or British seabird and are calling for the UK government to use this information to help plan marine protected areas (MPAs).
Unbeknown to many, the UK boasts a bountiful wild larder and by delving into the wonderful world of foraging, these delights can be harvested with relative ease.
Although the costs of parental care are at the foundations of optimal-parental-investment theory, our understanding of the nature of the underlying costs is limited by the difficulty of measuring variation in foraging effort.