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someone who hunts for food and provisions

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With this trope, I give you Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels, a brilliant book--with limitations.
Sam Telford -- an unabashed, enthusiastic road-kill forager himself -- has a sticker on his car that shouts, "I brake for road-kill
The opportunity to thread this particular survival training into Forager Fury played an important role in specific intelligence updates, particularly throughout the week of the surge, a 72-hour operational continuum.
But would-be foragers should look beyond the blackberry as other fantastic fruits will also be ripe for the picking.
Examining stories from forager oral tradition returns us to the "what" of storytelling: we began by defining this behavior; we now turn to describing the patterns it exhibits in content.
According Ali Irving, Irving's wife and fellow forager, using wild plants is the latest stage of an evolution that began around 15 years ago with organic food.
com before leaving the corporate world in 2004 to live in a cabin and write his first book, "Fat of the Land: Adventures of a 21st Century Forager.
Most of the separation among cultivars occurred during the period from 4 to 5 h in the tests which may be a factor of the time it takes a forager to locate a new food source and then recruit additional ants to the location.
The simulation also assumes that the forager can consume an infinite quantity of food and that there is no competition with other foragers.
In the honeybee colony recruitment tasks are represented through recruitment dances: the waggle dance (Frisch, 1967) and the tremble dance (Seeley, 1992, Seeley, 1995) in which the probability of performing a dance is related to the time it takes a forager to locate a receiver bee, i.
It also affords a greater variety of options, reduces our carbon footprint, makes both diner and forager more aware of their connection to nature, and is an antidote to our difficult economic times.
The native Moa - a flightless, powerfullybuilt forager of 8ft-plus and 550lb - ranged widely in southern New Zealand before man arrived; it became extinct after Maori people settled there about 1200.
If an employed forager recruits a nestmate by means of a waggle dance to a food source at which it is employed, the recruit will in turn reinforce the trail and recruit other nestmates, and so forth.
FORAGER returns for his first outing in almost a year with his trainer David Arbuthnot still learning about the nine-year-old who faces the starter for the first time under his guidance in the Weatherbys Cheltenham Festival 2008 Betting Guide Novices' Chase at Exeter.