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someone who hunts for food and provisions

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The forager bees will most likely be reassigned to help manage the humidity and temperature in the hive.
For the current study, the scientists found that forager bees were drawn to the fungicide chlorothalonil and the herbicide ingredient glyphosate, found in Monsanto's Roundup, at certain concentrations.
From the brand Forager Project, we tried their strawberry-flavored Cashewgurt.
A more robust forager program could help school food service staff develop a greater awareness of when particular crops are in season (when they are also cheapest) and how to incorporate them into menus, which would boost seasonal sales for growers to local buyers.
Forager launched its platform after completing a regional pilot involving 100 farmers and 10 grocers, food co-ops and wholesalers from Maine.
The mites may attach to foragers when the foragers raid the food stores of weak colonies collapsing from high mite infestations," explains DeGrandi-Hoffman.
With this trope, I give you Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels, a brilliant book--with limitations.
Activity begun around 07:30 and ended around 18:00; forager exits intensified between 10:30 and 14:30, the hottest hours of day (Fig.
A peppering of recipes completes the fine regional focus on wild foods, making this a top take-along tote for any would-be forager.
Forager is the first book I can remember by Gray and Palmiotti that they wrote specifically for an "all ages" audience.
It is also a contribution to forager studies, to the study of what Lars Kaskija calls 'encapsulation', to our understanding of identity politics generally and of Indonesian identity politics in particular.
Candice Creecy, USMC, faced while participating in a survival training scenario during Marine Air Group (MAG) 12's Forager Fury 2012 exercise, which ran from 28 November through 19 December 2012, on the Pacific islands of Guam and Tinian.
In forager societies, where there are no police, legal systems, or prisons, peace is maintained largely through various forms of social sanctioning, including criticism (e.
We counted the number of individuals foraging during three periods: morning (6:00-8:00 AM), noon (10:0012:00 AM) and afternoon (4:00-6:00 PM) in order to find out whether there is a difference in forager abundance at different times of the day.
It's making a comeback, aided in no small part by people like Irving, who is perhaps Britain's best-known forager.