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Synonyms for business

Synonyms for business

commercial, industrial, or professional activity in general

the commercial transactions of customers with a supplier

something that concerns or involves one personally

something to be done, considered, or dealt with

Synonyms for business

the activity of providing goods and services involving financial and commercial and industrial aspects

a rightful concern or responsibility

an immediate objective

customers collectively

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incidental activity performed by an actor for dramatic effect

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The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau earlier this year filed suit against the large, for-profit college chain ITT Educational Services Inc.
The HBCUs are gone, and private for-profit colleges only account for five of the schools on the list.
Just last month, Corinthian Colleges, one of the largest for-profit colleges with an enrollment of more than 70,000 students, agreed to sell 85 of its campuses.
Meanwhile, the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau last month filed a lawsuit against the large, for-profit college chain ITT Educational Services Inc.
The report found that the vast majority of for-profit college revenue comes from the federal government in the form of subsidized loans, Pell Grants, veteran and military benefits and other aid.
More than 80 percent of for-profit college revenues came from federal financial aid.
For-profit colleges understandably spend more than 10 percent of their operating budget on technology infrastructure; in contrast, a traditional college spends less than 3 percent.
The distinction between for-profit and nonprofit management has been a topic of continuing discussion in the scholarly literature on school reform.
But it appears that much of the growth in costs and length of stay is due to the huge increase in for-profit hospice facilities in the market.
Individual taxpayers may deduct expenditures related to a for-profit activity (an itemized deduction) as well as expenditures related to an active trade or business (a deduction for AGI).
One, part of a chain of commercial, for-profit centers, is subjected to extensive state regulation covering everything from food preparation and staff training to the types of safety locks used.
This form of partnership benefits both entities, as the non-profit out-sources the materials recovery operation to the for-profit firm, and the non-profit firms are a guaranteed market for the recovered materials.
Not surprisingly, Bridgestar found that many finance chiefs, especially those in mid-sized to larger nonprofits, have worked in the for-profit sector and "bridged" into the nonprofit sector within the last 10 years.
African Americans graduating with associate degrees from for-profit institutions such as trade schools are racking up nearly as much debt as those graduating from public four-year colleges.