for sure

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Synonyms for for sure

not open to doubt

Related Words

definitely or positively ('sure' is sometimes used informally for 'surely')

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AMCO's clients produce billions of units of entertainment CDs and DVDs annually, and we expect this to translate into a major source of revenue for Sure Trace.
5 million to cover initial system development costs for SURE, with another $2 million per year for ongoing development and maintenance to be allocated on an annual basis.
Beck will engineer and manage the permitting process for Sure Power's systems in several configurations, all of which apply the long-standing computer-industry principle of RAID architecture (or the Redundant Array of Independent Devices) to the generation of highly reliable electrical power.
The drawings prepared in the design phase will become part of a reference library linked to the Autotask CRM and Helpdesk modules for Sure Power customer support.