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as an example

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Some animals, for example, always run away from light and hide themselves in dark places.
For example, if you fall over a cliff, you move under the influence of gravitation, and your centre of gravity describes just as correct a parabola as if you were already dead.
Who can believe, for example, that a new-born baby is aware of the necessity of food for preserving life?
It's a trick he had--a habit when saying something serious--announcing the result of a diagnosis, for example.
For example, I began by stating that your brother was careless.
Do they deal with many parts of Nature, for example the sea, mountains, plains, forests, and clouds?
For examples of the second sort of lineage, that began with greatness and maintains it still without adding to it, there are the many princes who have inherited the dignity, and maintain themselves in their inheritance, without increasing or diminishing it, keeping peacefully within the limits of their states.
If she uses the proceeds to purchase, for example, a computer before she signs the FAFSA in 2008, the proceeds are not included as an asset on the FAFSA.
For example, several popular media articles were used as class handouts.
Much of this early work was concentrated in the 1960s and 1970s (see, for example, Glass, 1976).
For example, the student might initially find the opening measures of Chopin's Nocturne in F-sharp Major (Example 1) difficult to read, as the contour is rather disjunct, making it difficult to discern a clear thread among the pitches.
For example, to offset the higher prices associated with oil-based raw materials, energy, and transportation costs, a commonly used, low risk tactic is to transition from oil/water liquid emulsions to 100% active dry polymers.
In solving the problem about the edge of the cube, for example, the student can imagine not a cube but a piece of paper that is folded into a cube.
With Word documents, for example, you can view the name of the original author, learn the identity of any editors, determine the number of versions, and locate the file path to see where the file is saved.
For example, in estimating the weighted-average-life of an option using the Black-Scholes-Merton model, CPAs should explicitly account for any period over which the option cannot be exercised and for any predictable employee exercise patterns of which they are aware.