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at any future time


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For their souls are enlarged for evermore by that union, and they bear one another about in their thoughts continually as it were a new strength.
You have rightly chosen," said God, "for in my garden of Paradise this little bird shall sing for evermore, and in my city of gold the Happy Prince shall praise me.
Where had been formerly but the click of the shuttle was soon the roar of 'power,' handlooms were pushed into a corner as a room is cleared for a dance; every morning at half-past five the town was wakened with a yell, and from a chimney-stack that rose high into our caller air the conqueror waved for evermore his flag of smoke.
Lorry's inquiries into Miss Pross's personal history had established the fact that her brother Solomon was a heartless scoundrel who had stripped her of everything she possessed, as a stake to speculate with, and had abandoned her in her poverty for evermore, with no touch of compunction.
And while you are here, you shall rule all that lives and moves and shall have the greatest rights among the deathless gods: those who defraud you and do not appease your power with offerings, reverently performing rites and paying fit gifts, shall be punished for evermore.
Miss Knag, after doting on Kate Nickleby for three whole Days, makes up her Mind to hate her for evermore.
If thevote had been Yes then No voters would certainly have had to accept it for evermore.
I long to see my lovely lass, I'll love her for evermore, I'm just passing away the time until I bridge that distant Shore.
There's nothing compares in this big old world Than a father's love for his baby girl From that special moment she is born His life is changed for evermore Holding her tightly in his arms Vowing to protect her from all harm Gazing lovingly into her eyes And singing her sweet lullabies Daddy's heart is taken forever A stronger love you will find never Always be there for his baby girl Walk across hot coals to the ends of the world As she matures the bond does grow Closer than ever and rightly so A girl will always need her dad To laugh with her and comfort when sad Even when she finally leaves To live her life and fulfil her dreams His heart will carry on the wings of a dove For nothing compares to a father's love Tony Stapo, via email A FATHER'S LOVE
The Green Howards and DLI are renowned fighting units, and the name of Sgt Major Hollis VC will live for evermore.
It is now time that our planners advised the Thandis and others that enough is enough and Castle Hill will remain unspoilt for evermore.
The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in, from this time forth, and even for evermore.
PESHAWAR, August 13, 2010 (Frontier Star): The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Owais Ahmed Ghani has said, the past 63 years of our independence, is a period replete with tremendous challenges and sacrifices and today, when hundreds and thousands of our brethren marooned by floods and rains, have lost their homes and hearths and wherein hundreds have lost their lives, the nation is once again called upon by destiny for evermore sacrifices and struggles.
Whitegate PR is developing and executing results-driven media relations programs for Evermore in the New York tri-state area.
By placing an order via this Web site on the first day of the fourth month of the year 2010 Anno Domini, you agree to grant us a nontransferable option to claim, for now and for evermore, your immortal soul.