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We like to say that GAC is America's main street for country music, its artists and the lifestyles they influence.
Morris has created what he calls "the best in American Country Comfort Food" for Country Star, a new country cuisine with twists on the best traditional dishes like Firehouse Chili, Texas Onion Pie, Sizzling Fried Catfish, Fried Pickles and Green Tomatoes and Smoked Baby Back Ribs.
The Grand Ole Opry presented by Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and television network Great American Country (GAC) today announced plans for Country Reaches Out: An Opry Benefit for the American Red Cross to assist with hurricane relief.
Offers practical advice to help you formulate effective internal strategies for country risk management, including an analysis of the available methodologies and systems for assessing country risk, such as econometric systems and qualitative approaches
And, with more frequent viewing opportunities on GAC, we'll continue to draw country music's best and brightest performers, which translates into more excitement for country music enthusiasts.