for certain

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definitely or positively ('sure' is sometimes used informally for 'surely')

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In order to comply with FAS 133, AIG will restate to include the changes in fair value for certain derivatives previously recorded through other comprehensive income in current period income and by reversing into net income the fair value adjustments on certain assets and liabilities.
In addition, the Company has concluded that its historical practice of accruing the cost of providing a one-year warranty free of charge for certain product sales rather than deferring a portion of the revenue as would generally be required for postcontract customer support was incorrect.
These adjustments relate to accounting for certain prepaid rent and certain lease escalation provisions and are due to a reexamination of existing leases and the application of complex accounting rules.
federal income tax reporting requirements for certain U.
Among the terms of the expected settled orders, DeAM would be subject to certain undertakings regarding the conduct of its business in the future, including maintaining existing management fee reductions for certain funds for a period of five years.
Federal agencies can be confident in choosing Certain Software for all their strategic event management needs -- and know they can procure our services quickly and efficiently while receiving fair and reasonable pricing because we are an accredited partner," said Penni Allen, vice president of government services for Certain Software.
For Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant users who want added protection from odor, the company is introducing new Certain Dri A.
Olympus will pay Carsen significant additional consideration over and above the $10,000,000 fixed payment for certain of the acquired assets such as inventory, accounts receivable and unfilled customer orders.
With our office expansion in Washington, DC, involvement in many important industry events, and new customer wins, Certain Software is gaining significant momentum within the government sector," said Penni Allen, vice president of government services for Certain Software.
Generally, the temporary regulations are effective for certain returns due after 2005, so CPAs need to be familiar with them this filing season.