for certain

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definitely or positively ('sure' is sometimes used informally for 'surely')

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The new rules also apply to extension applications for tax-year 2004 returns for certain fiscal-year taxpayers whose returns are due after 2005.
In addition, they apply to applications for extension to file tax-year 2004 returns for certain fiscal-year taxpayers whose returns are due after 2005.
Additional Deduction for Certain Construction Activity.
Because these practices had the effect of modifying the original terms of the option grants, the Audit Committee has determined that the Company should have recorded compensation expense for certain of these option grant modifications.
the participating interest does not fall within the Widely Held Exemption, is not mark-to-market property of a financial institution, and is not exempt under the above provision for certain interests held by Canadian taxpayers that are U.
NASDAQ: SCMR), today provided an update on its previously disclosed investigation into stock option grants and announced its intention to restate financial statements for certain prior fiscal periods to reflect the effects of additional non-cash stock-based compensation expense.
AJCA Section 243(f) provides relief for certain failures to comply with some of the REIT requirements.
The current $5,000 income tax exclusion for certain death benefits paid by an employer to an employee was repealed on August 20, 1996.
They also provide exceptions to the general rule, including a bright-line rule for costs incurred for certain types of acquisitive transactions, which replaces the facts-and-circumstances-based analysis of investigatory costs.
Also, earlier consensuses on liability recognition for certain employee termination benefits and other costs to exit an activity (including certain costs incurred in a restructuring) are covered.