for all practical purposes

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For all practical purposes, these rooms could have been thousands of miles apart.
When the proper consideration is given to the production technique, these systems will double the output and, for all practical purposes, eliminate mold damage usually associated with double core setups.
For all practical purposes Ethelbald was the first King of a unified England.
For all practical purposes, however, implementing widespread recycling efforts is still in its infancy.
For all practical purposes, we are now seeing and projecting a return to the revenue trends that we laid out in our prior plans.
The sensus fidelium," he said, " is for all practical purposes totally dismissed.
For all practical purposes, Arthur Andersen is gone now, quickly abandoned in the face of crisis by its partners, employees, and clients.
For all practical purposes, this structure gives each individual the assurance of financial protection for all unrelated assets in the event of law suits, bankruptcy.
DWDM has increased the carrying capacity of fibre links to such an extent that, for all practical purposes, the network will stay well ahead of the data for years to come.
The artist, after all, has seen to it that for all practical purposes InSite has footed the bill for an all-expenses-paid world tour, foregrounding and thus parodying the contractual aspect of the project.
For all practical purposes, he says, the center is a small business that derives all of its funds from its clients--many of them corporations or governments.
Similarly, one might well say that the First Amendment's freedom of religion, such as it is, was for all practical purposes invented in the 1940s by Justices William O.
The number of secondary works cited in his footnotes is tiny; the zipper, for all practical purposes, had no previous historical scholarship.
For all practical purposes, Ethel was the owner of 5% of the family fund at her death.
However, the court rejected the trustee's argument; although the election in the ruling was allowed, the sale of the personal residence took place, for all practical purposes, before the taxpayer's death and before the asset passed to the estate.