for 24 hours

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without stopping

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More than 100 corporate teams of 20 members each walked, ran or wheeled around the school's track for 24 hours to raise money to support Easter Seals programs that create solutions and change lives for local people with disabilities.
The study showed that pH testing with the Bravo System provides a comfortable and versatile alternative to the traditional technique, which requires the patient to use a nasal catheter for 24 hours.
I'd never run for 24 hours before and wanted to see how far I could push myself.
The "Longest Day" offers amateur drivers the opportunity to race for 24 hours battling time, mechanical gremlins, the elements and fatigue to see if they can really endure till the checkered flag drops.
Subjects are placed in a sealed room for 24 hours, and the amount of oxygen they inhale and carbon dioxide they produce is measured.