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the manner and dress of a fop or dandy


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He entices the audience to participate with him in exposing folly, wickedness, deceit, debauchery, treachery, venality, sycophancy, and foppishness.
In the revolutionary 1790s, when Austen wrote the first version of Northanger Abbey, English manhood was being refashioned against an enemy model of French foppishness, which was characterized as "trifling," "silly," and "lascivious," according to Joseph Kestner (149,157).
But she, it turns out, traces her illegitimate ancestry back to Napoleon and the pompous French Ambassador goes on a war footing - Richard Suart's Inspector Clouseau accent and Poirot foppishness a class act in itself.
Indeed, Hemingway seems to have modeled Rawlings in part as a modern version of the popular Scarlet Pimpernel, the English patrician Sir Percy Blakeney whose foppishness disguises his identity as the quick-witted savior of French revolutionary-era aristocrats from the guillotine.
Costume designer Nic Ede gets across Carter's slightly misjudged, Southern-style foppishness through the design of his oddly cut, shade-too-tight double-breasted suits, suggestive of hand-me-downs from Carter Page Sr.
His ideal was "grace without foppishness, refinement without ostentation, virtue without affectation, independence without arrogance.
Fresh from his eyebrow makeover, Sewell injects arrogant foppishness but is easily outshone in the cartoon villainy stakes by Nick Chinlund who, sporting wooden dentures and a black frock coat, goes about murderously doing the Lord's work on behalf of a simmering conspiracy involving the Confederacy and a nitro-glycerine factory.
For one thing, although he might take a swing at European foppishness, his own party is itself open to such European luxury.