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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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kind of foppery in "[I find it] morals, which, if it extreamly [sic] were known, would difficult to acquire make me [appear] [the habit of ridiculous [and I am returning] things, unwilling to appear papers, etc.
the northern ideal lying in opposition to the perceived foppery of southern European culture) in ' "Manners" Make the Man', 317.
No matter how hot it was, imitation of the white man and his cold-country clothing compelled the blacks to wear full and expensive suits, hats, boots, ties, collars and the other useless foppery of civilization.
139) At his examinations, trial and execution, the macaroni highwayman --bedecked with ribbons and flowers, with trademark silk laces and his hat tied with silver strings--not only effectively challenged the normative masculine sartorial mode of "refined simplicity" (140) but implicitly presented a caricature of vulgar foppery and aristocratic vicious excess.
Mawr, whose raw power and potent maleness are contrasted to Rico's over-bred European foppery throughout the first part of the novella.
without exposing themselves to charges of foppery or effeminacy.
Up in the stands there is plenty of finery, frippery and foppery but just yards away on the course proper it is a sweat-stained sphere of top-class horses engaged in titanic struggle for mastery.
As well as lampooning Leonard and suggesting, through its comedy, that he consider amending his ways, the sketch also satirizes Ralph Partridge's intractability ("I won't clean the foul machine"); Marjorie Joad's various illnesses ("My temperature was 103 this morning") and Dadie Rylands's foppery ("I danced till four last night.
These two modes of dress--the simplicity of the soldier and the foppery of the courtier--serve to further instantiate in a viewer's mind the waste of Horatio's death and the upside-down nature of Spain.
Grandison's polished manners ensure that his masculine vigor never degenerates into brutishness while that vigor ensures his politeness is never mere foppery or sentimental effeminacy.
There was certainly no harm in his travelling sixteen miles twice over on such an errand; but there was an air of foppery and nonsense in it which she could not approve.
The production, which involves deception, dirt and foppery, comes with the caution 'not suitable for small children, it's quite rude
perfect," bosom immune to the temptations of romantic passion, a patronizing attitude toward the follies of "burning" youth, especially when compared with his own somber, "wise" purposes, and a contempt for the supposed "witless" foppery of Viennese society fueled by his love for "the life removed.
Drink in hand, Edmund kept hold of his father as he began his "excellent foppery of the world" soliloquy, treating the speech as an aside and Gloucester as a prop.