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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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Okeley faced down his Muslim captors with insistences that the Prophet Mohammed had "patch'd up a Cento of Jewish, and Monkish Fopperies, which was now their Religion.
Write on, crie on, yawle to the common sort Of thickskin'd auditours: such rotten stuffs, More fit to fill the paunch of Esquiline, Then feed the hearings of judiciall eares, Yee shades tryumphe, while foggy Ignorance Clouds bright Apollos beauty: Time will cleere, The misty dullnesse of Spectators Eeys, Then wofull hisses to your fopperies, O age when every Scriveners boy shall dippe Prophaning quills into Thessaliaes Spring, When every artist prentice that hath read The pleasant panty of conceipts, shall dare, To write as confident as Hercules.
an innocent Satyre to promote Morality, and by a surprizing kind of raillery Tax the grave fopperies and beloved vices of the doting world; when men have made the most serious things dwindle into meer words; and Venue and honesty, (not to say, Religion and Conscience it self) are esteem'd or made use of, but as Terms of Are to deceive the ignorant, and serve the turns of interest,faction, or ambition.
They are faults, Defects, Fopperies, and follies, and Disadvantages.
Here in Spectator 45 he registers apprehensions about what trade might admit to English shores, advocating even peacetime embargoes against the importation of "French Fopperies.
Le Corbusier - the architect designer noted for his austerity, looked coldly on Ruhlmann's opulence as merely pandering to the fopperies of fashion.
In Foxe's account of Latimer's conversion, he describes how Latimer "forsook the School doctors and other such fopperies and became an earnest student of true divinity.