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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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Longtime supporter of police and the FOP across the East Coast, mortgage lender Residential Home Funding has recently been honored by an official endorsement from the New Jersey Fraternal Order of Police.
In 2014, more than 25,000 people participated in the FOP Walk/Run all across the country.
Clementia expanded enrollment to include children with FOP in the ongoing Phase 2 clinical trial following completion of the appropriate nonclinical studies.
Miliband also invited the members of FoP to attend the Labour Party's annual conference to be held at Manchester by the end of September this year.
In two studies, we examine the influence of the format of numeric information embedded in FOP nutrient claims.
A spokeswoman for charity FOP Friends said: "FOP turns children into human statues - a healthy mind in a frozen body.
In recent years, several stakeholders--food manufacturers, retailers, governments and non-government agencies--have developed FOP systems.
The dentist admitted he had to go on Google to look up FOP to find out what it was.
The variety of nutrition labeling schemes has led to calls for a single format For FOP labels based on harmonized nutrient criteria.
There are also hopes for a cure for FOP after research scientists recently managed to stop it progressing in mice.
As Louise deals with her condition, she also meets the world's leading medical expert on FOP, who is working on finding a way to halt its progression and increase the life expectancy of those who suffer from it.
The effort to erect the memorial was spearheaded by the FOP McKinley Lodge No.
Diagnosing FOP has depended on recognising characteristic clinical and radiological features, and until recently the causative mechanism remained elusive.
But the FDA--which does regulate FOP health and nutrition claims along with symbols indicating nutritional value--has no binding rule for labeling whole grain, so manufacturers have plenty of room for creativity.