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Foozle (Slang) Do clumsily, bungle, make a mess of.
Which puts me in a proper twitter as to what he has heard and what I shall best say to him so that I did most viley foozle my drive and thereafter not a stroke could I strike clean.
Others, like foozle 'a bungling golf stroke' and groak 'to stare at other people's food, hoping that they will offer you some', are scarcely known, even at home.
In the software's fantasy setting, children need to help two stranded aliens, Flarn and Foozle, get back to the planet Snootz.
Lee, bom in 1828, was "perhaps Ontario's first native playwright" and the author of, in 1853, Fiddle, Faddle and Foozle, the first indigenous play "on the Toronto stage.