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the manner of using the feet

skillful maneuvering or dealing

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We spoke over the phone and I told him very clearly that he needs to be more confident with his footwork.
Ogogo, 26, who has been partnered with professional dancer Oti Mabuse, said: "It's going to improve my footwork 100 per cent and I'm not just saying that to justify doing it.
The two twin brothers from Stockholm Sweden have showed off their fancy footwork to many well known Soccer celebrities and with over 1 million YouTube subscribers all eyes are on the twins.
Rashad was considered a pioneer of footwork -- an electronic-oriented music genre that originated in Chicago.
On Friday, July 5, Footwork returns with one of the UK's best female DJs Barely Legal, who recently contributed a guest session on BBC Radio 1Extra and Dartford-based duo I Killed Kenny.
Let's discuss a simple drill that can help you improve your footwork.
Summary: Hundreds of tango dancers have gathered to show off their fancy footwork in the Buenos Aires World Tango Championships.
Footwork envisions a world free of podoconiosis in our lifetime.
That was the case for South Shields-based bespoke trainer company MES Footwork, which teamed up with investor Paul Keast at a networking event after receiving a pounds 27,000 cash injection from Rivers Capital Partners to help it launch its products in high street shops across the country.
Nate had thus far made his name via YouTube uploads of his peculiar take on footwork, the already left-field reach of juke, a super-staccato variant of ghetto house.
According to the Mirror, the turnover for Beckham's company, Footwork Productions, fell from 15.
Sydney, Australia, Oct 13, 2009 - (ABN Newswire) - Toll Holdings (ASX:TOL) today announced the acquisition of Footwork Express, a Japanese express freight operator and one of the top ten domestic logistics providers in Japan.
But you may have trouble finding a well-rounded flamenco education: how to strengthen one part of the body while working another, and mastering footwork.
Barnes said: "Look at the footwork and co-ordination - it can be very effective.
The illustrations are upbeat without making light of the hard times of the Great Depression, and the text of Footwork is just involved enough to be suitable for young readers who are almost ready to move on to chapter books.