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the lower wall of an inclined fault

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In the immediate footwall of the Main Central thrust, peak temperatures average 550 degrees C.
An inverted thermal field gradient of - 20 degrees C/km is also documented beneath a klippe of the Main Central thrust hanging wall - 25 km south of the Vaikrita thrust, and a peak footwall temperature of 530 degrees C is recorded close to the shear zone at the base of the klippe.
But the footwalls beyond the contact were never really explored.
We are largely looking for copper and precious group elements (PGEs) in the footwalls of the Sudbury Igneous Complex.
The lower grade, disseminated gold mineralization found in the hanging and/or footwalls of the primary vein systems, and often appearing as stockwork quartz systems, was usually ignored.
Dunbar says most of the indicators from the offset dykes and footwalls around the Sudbury Igneous Complex are really copper-nickel targets associated with platinum group metals.