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the lower wall of an inclined fault

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Drill Intercept Highlights for Mala Noche Footwall Zone (MNFWZ) Target From To Interval Copper Silver Lead Zinc Hole ID Area (m) (m) (m)(x) (%) (g/t) (%) (%) MN CG-10-U233 Footwall 304.
Highlights of assays from the Mala Noche Footwall Zone (MNFWZ) are summarized in the table immediately below and the full results for new holes and historic holes are provided in the attached tables.
An inverted thermal field gradient of - 20 degrees C/km is also documented beneath a klippe of the Main Central thrust hanging wall - 25 km south of the Vaikrita thrust, and a peak footwall temperature of 530 degrees C is recorded close to the shear zone at the base of the klippe.
Since the Company's last Levack Footwall news release on October 31, 2005, 27 holes (19 from underground and 8 from surface), have intersected the Levack Footwall Deposit and Rob's Footwall Zone.
Within the Bisbee type fractional differentiation sequence copper-gold- silver enriched fluid releases into footwall skarn environments have the best- known economic track record.
The Company's three footwall copper-precious metal deposits (PM Deposit, Podolsky and the Levack Footwall Deposit) have significant potential to dramatically increase the Company's future copper and precious metal production.
From west to east the four targets are identified as the Mala Noche West, Mala Noche Footwall , Avoca Extension and San Rafael Deep.
for the Airport property, confirms Gingerich'sstatement and discloses there are three Sudbury Breccia trends striking sub-parallel to the direction of the Sudbury Igneous Complex (SIC) on the property, defining approximately 8 Km of prospective strike for potential Sudbury Footwall type deposits.
In addition, a stockwork fracture zone which forms the footwall to the vein, assayed an average of 6.
They were jubilant in 2001 when their award-winning geological team made the high grade mineral discovery of the year in the underlying footwall rocks of Sudbury's igneous complex, a traditionally under-explored area of the basin.
Diamond drilling completed on the Lockerby East zone has intersected significant footwall hosted massive sulphide veins.
The ambitious Toronto miner expects to spend $14 million of its $16 million exploration budget within the Sudbury Igneous Complex, with half of that going into last year's hot new find, their highly prospective Levack footwall discovery on the north range.
In 2005, Crowflight contracted the services of Terrageos Remote Sensing to undertake a comprehensive review of lineament features in the North Range Footwall utilizing data obtained from the multi-spectral ASTER satellite system.
It has produced nickel for over 125 years and in the last 20 years it also has produced ore from these very profitable copper, platinum-palladium and gold footwall deposits.
The Stage 2 program will use the Devico drilling system to provide detailed directional drilling of the copper-gold rich massive sulphide Ming Horizon and the copper-rich Ming Footwall Zone.