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a person in a kneeling position

a board (sometimes cushioned) for someone to kneel on

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I had intended to spend two days with some fellow scouts to work on raising and repairing footstones in the Evergreen Cemetery in Marlboro.
This site was marked at some point by a marble block, which in legend was Dante's footstone, and in the 19th century this footstone was engraved with the words "Sasso di Dante.
In those days, if you found a good-looking rock somewhere on your property, you saved it thinking it would make a good headstone or footstone some day, and when people were buried, the stones were placed at each end of the body, but with no indication of who was buried there," he said.
An oak cross, painted white, marked the head of his grave, and a flat marble footstone bore the simple inscription, "Edward Moore Kennedy 1932-2009.
I can't tell if these markers constitute both head and footstones, that is, if they mark 41 bodies, or something closer to half that number.
Volunteers will probe cemetery to look for buried headstones and footstones, remove vegetation and place new marker bases; bring drinking water, gloves, Weedeater or shovel; equipment for probing will be provided; no restroom on site; 541-321-0798 or www.