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having sore or tired feet

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The girl, footsore and exhausted, was half dragged, half pushed through the long, hot, tedious days.
If he was footsore and couldn't walk, I sent him, in the letter he got, the money to ride, lest he should have none of his own to spare.
For five days he toiled footsore and weary through the defiles which he had already traversed on horseback.
Now, the singer was beginning to be footsore and leg-weary, as is plain by his trail.
Moreover, the women and the children grew weary and footsore, and they are weary in this hour.
ye'll be footsore afore ye see the end of the journey
These Zulu cattle are small and light, not more than half the size of the Africander oxen, which are generally used for transport purposes; but they will live where the Africanders would starve, and with a moderate load can make five miles a day better going, being quicker and not so liable to become footsore.
The night had already fallen, and the moon was shining between the rifts of ragged, drifting clouds, before Alleyne Edricson, footsore and weary from the unwonted exercise, found himself in front of the forest inn which stood upon the outskirts of Lyndhurst.
It was carried as a carbine by saddle-sore troopers and rifle-musket by footsore infantrymen.
The news comes in the countdown to the Edinburgh Kiltwalk, when some footsore soldier will discover that, like the walks in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee, they have been randomly selected to take ownership of a new Renault Clio quite like the one we drove around the route of the Kiltwalk this week.
We shared the nom de plume Footsore Searcher when covering conference exhibit floors.
If Harold's tired and footsore men had not had to endure a 300-mile march back south to engage with William's 7,000-strong force, the Normans might have been routed.
Dotted throughout their journey are the elements that will cohere in "Waiting for Godot": the blasted landscape, the tedium of life as a near vagrant, the mundane conversations about boots and carrots between a footsore, starving couple.
21) offers of the rocky outcrop on Mount Sipylus which, to the eyes of footsore travellers crossing Turkey's plain of Manisa, was often taken to be Niobe weeping for her children, the water seeping through the porous limestone creating the illusion of tears.
FOOTSORE fundraisers had raised more than PS30,000 for a team of rescue volunteers.