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walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud

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Utensils live their life still uncongealed; certain other objects, not yet dust, are not really debris but relics, relics jettisoned by hordes on horseback, Macedonian footsloggers, Hittite infantry, and a dull glow still envelops them, forgotten though their origin and use may now be.
It also showed a lack of aggressiveness that was frustrating to infantrymen, who needed tanks to get close to the enemy or cover the footsloggers in an infantry/armour co-ordinated assault.
But at least Slim and his 14th Army footsloggers are allowed their victory.
There is evidence, admittedly anecdotal, from Labour footsloggers around the region that they are finding it hard to detect much in the way of enthusiasm on the doorsteps from their supporters.
But the loyal Scots footsloggers will be at Villa Park to cheer, sing, roar and laugh again.