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walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud

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Only an uphill footslog gets you there, but it's worth it.
Manager Roberto Martinez (right), as urbane in frustration as he is refined in victory, will accept Europa League footslog as Everton's consolation prize if that is their likeliest fate.
In a gripping finale to five months of footslog this winter, Panesar joined forces with Prior with 19 balls remaining.
But six hours of footslog in the field for Surrey, and a tame grilling from Darren Gough on TALKSPORT, were important first steps down the latest road to reintegration for England's crown jewel.
gland he s w h he e a In a gripping finale to five months of footslog this winter, e f r, PPanesar joined forces with Prior with 19 balls left.
If he is apprehensive about the footslog which awaits him in Portsmouth, less than 24 hours after a challenging assignment at Oakwell, the good cause will far outweigh any pain.
They are superstars now, legends of the Dales where countless hours of footslog over rugged terrain around Otley Chevin and Ilkley Moor turned a pair of bright lads from Leeds into warriors.
Open champions - including Tiger Woods, eventually - signed their bags and clubs for auction, but their footslog was not without its aches, pains and eye-watering moments.
1 in the world, and on the evidence of two days' footslog at Lord's, the only way is down.
Five years later, he nearly quit the sport after driving into the car park at Northampton and slumping over the wheel in despair at the prospect of another day of footslog in front of the dwindling thermos-andanorak brigade.
After 14 weeks of footslog across Britain, from Belfast to Brighton and from Aberdeen to Exeter, Taylor was gone in 35 minutes.
As Sir Beefy dusted off his boots last night for his 13th 10-day footslog for Leukaemia Research, he rattled a collection tin and joked: "It's robbery with a smile - but it works