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a low seat or a stool to rest the feet of a seated person

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Supply and installation of dining room furniture or movable school furniture (flexible tables, chairs with footrest stool with footrests, swivel stools, property subjects / cabinets and movable partitions) for educational institutions of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, in particular schools and the College of Fine Arts Hamburg.
A hi-tech thin film transistor instrument panel is also being introduced as well as retractable leg and footrests for the rear passengers which are in addition to the car's massaging back seats.
Accessories include swing-away footrests, adjustable lateral supports, activity tables, and 13" rear wheels with hand brakes.
FS Ergonomic Footrests can maximize worker comfort and productivity.
The driver was lowering the disabled platform when it caught the footrests of Sister Angela's wheelchair, tipping her forwards.
They customised them with clip on handlebars and rearset footrests.
They have thick seats and padded backrests, drink holders, swiveling laptop computer tables, hanging script bags and extended footrests.
Liz Flynn slips down David Nau's torso until her wrists wrap around his footrests.
Sicko Glen Want, jailed for indecently assaulting a child under three and sex attacks on a girl under 14, moaned that the chair was too hard to push - and a replacement had a puncture and no footrests.
The cabin also sports reversible footrests, lambswool rugs and a cashmere/ wool mix headlining.
BusinessFirst service features first-class amenities at a business-class price, including sleeper seats with adjustable headrests and electronic leg- and footrests, and personal built-in entertainment systems.
It features a contoured seat cushion with Hip Flex[R] adjustments that pivot thirty degrees, a height-adjustable contoured back cushion with lateral supports, a height-adjustable contoured head support, and height and depth adjustable footrests with ankle straps.
The chairs feature tubular steel frames, steel substrates for cushion support, Velcro-attached cushions, lift-up and locking arms, subsurface mounted switches, and flip-up footrests.
Maxwell's company has reaped the rewards of a successful business, providing custom-made keyboard and mouse rests, footrests, and ergonomically correct office support equipment.
First, however, it was necessary to free the stuck solar panel, which turned out to be jammed by a metal strap that could only be reached by somehow clambering across the outside of the station where there were neither handholds nor footrests.