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the platform in the cab of a locomotive on which the engineer stands to operate the controls

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Each skate secures small and large feet with step-in footplates and strap bindings similar to snowboard boots and they support riders up to 275 lbs.
After a morning of rigorous trials around North Inch park, close to her flat in Perth, Barbel finally plumped for the fantastic Micro White scooter - designed with 200mm wheels and a low footplate that helps to prevent back pain.
The Kingston Retail Park in Newcastle is another example of a scheme recently redeveloped, with Kingston Court providing nine reconfigured retail warehouse units offering modern footplates.
In this article, we describe our study to evaluate the relationship between hearing thresholds and stapes footplate thickness in otosclerotic patients.
Several have already been injured after jumping on to train roofs or the footplates of carriages and riding along.
Rail bosses say kids have been jumping on the footplates of carriages and holding on between stations in a craze known as "surfing.
This adaptation resembles and operates like the flippable footplates found on wheelchairs.
The series number is located next to the logo on the back of the boot base and on the side of one of the footplates.
FULL STEAM AHEAD: When he was a lad Terry Wealleans used to hitch a ride on the footplates of locomotives at Normanby Brickworks but in July 1988 Terry - along with several hundred shareholders - became the proud owner of the 50-year-old classic A4 Pacific that carried the name of legendary LNER locomotive designer Sir Nigel Gresley.
These specimens included stapes footplates, crura, and bone chips from the outer ear canal of the otosclerosis patients and the five controls with a malignancy of the temporal bone; bone chips from the outer ear canal of the 20 controls with exostosis; and bone chips from the mastoid and outer ear canal of the 20 controls with cholesteatoma.
I frequently adapt tricycles with simple footplates and front pulley systems for young children who have spastic diplegia.
She claimed she had to try to get out of the "rickety" wheelchair herself, and fell after tripping on one of its footplates.
Tough composite footplates adjust to fit each user's leg length, and a user friendly design allows for easy maintenance of the chair.