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the platform in the cab of a locomotive on which the engineer stands to operate the controls

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Results of the above mentioned gait researches as well as the increasing popularity of different design and destination shoes inserts or footplates [27-31] raise a question whether the AFO's footplate's (local) bending (in sagittal plane) stiffness has any influence on the functionality of such AFOs.
According to these data, a "total" identification of the stapes footplate and the oval window was achieved by 71.
Visitors can purchase tickets to walk through the corridor in the tender and onto the footplate of Flying Scotsman for an explanation of the driver and fireman's controls.
2% Fergus Laird, head of investment at selling agents Naylors, said: "This property offered a rare opportunity to acquire larger footplate retail premises, which are in short supply in the heart of the town centre.
The single use Symmetry Sharp Kerrison tips feature a thin footplate and boasts twelve possible configurations with three reusable handle sizes and four single-use, two-inch tip sizes, which enable healthcare professionals to customize their optimal Symmetry Sharp Kerrison for each case.
A single-use surgical instrument, the Symmetry Sharp Kerrison offers a sharp tip with a thin footplate while offering 12 possible configurations and three reusable handle sizes along with four disposable 2 tip sizes.
After a morning of rigorous trials around North Inch park, close to her flat in Perth, Barbel finally plumped for the fantastic Micro White scooter - designed with 200mm wheels and a low footplate that helps to prevent back pain.
There are two main causes of conductive hearing loss due to fixation of stapes footplate: deposition of spongy bone around the footplate (otosclerosis) and congenital malformation of stapes.
In this article, we describe our study to evaluate the relationship between hearing thresholds and stapes footplate thickness in otosclerotic patients.
The family of Montgomeryshire area officer Tony Williams and son-in-law Dave Manuel has been struck by cancer and the men wanted to help raise cash - and enjoy a fun ride on the footplate of a Ffestiniog Railway steam locomotive.
The attached footplate holds the user's feet in place while riding, releases them when a wipeout occurs where the user is ejected from the seat, and can only be mounted to the inserts provided on the wakeboard.
While the participants lay on a table with their left knee bent, their left ankle was strapped into a footplate.
At bronze level (which costs pounds 310) you can take a 16-mile trip, with a full briefing, a footplate crew in attendance, lunch and a free ticket for a companion, plus a tour of the signal box.
Steven McCormack, 48, was standing on his lorry's footplate on Saturday when he slipped and fell, breaking a compressed air hose off an air reservoir that powered the brakes.