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Synonyms for footpath


Synonyms for footpath

a trodden path


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The men who happened to pass him on the footpath said "Good-morning" grudgingly.
At the point where the footpath led into the road, he came to a standstill for the second time.
Through the latter miles of their walk their footpath had taken them into the depths of the New Forest, and towards evening, turning the corner of a lane, they perceived behind a brook and bridge a large board on which was painted in white letters, "This desirable Mansion to be Let Furnished"; particulars following, with directions to apply to some London agents.
Along this same footpath, Oliver well-remembered he had trotted beside Mr.
And now they traveled forward more quietly, Little John in the middle of the road whistling merrily to himself, and the two friars in the footpath on either side saying never a word.
with heads bowed with shame, riding upon richly caparisoned cobs on the footpaths.
Past the old church, and down the footpath, pottered the old man and the child hand-in-hand early on the afternoon of the day before the feast, and wandered all round the ground, which was already being occupied by the "cheap Jacks," with their green- covered carts and marvellous assortment of wares; and the booths of more legitimate small traders, with their tempting arrays of fairings and eatables; and penny peep-shows and other shows, containing pink-eyed ladies, and dwarfs, and boa-constrictors, and wild Indians.
If the mayors kept their roads in better order, there would not be so many footpaths.
In the foreground near a pond and a group of white beeches is leading a footpath animated by travelers.
I walked among the trees trying to find the footpath.
Her cheeks never grew a shade deeper when his name was mentioned; she felt no thrill when she saw him passing along the causeway by the window, or advancing towards her unexpectedly in the footpath across the meadow; she felt nothing, when his eyes rested on her, but the cold triumph of knowing that he loved her and would not care to look at Mary Burge.
We now approached a stile communicating with a footpath that conducted to a farm-house, where, I suppose, Mr.
Two roads led out of the town on the eastern side; one branched off towards the Ambroses' villa, the other struck into the country, eventually reaching a village on the plain, but many footpaths, which had been stamped in the earth when it was wet, led off from it, across great dry fields, to scattered farm-houses, and the villas of rich natives.
He wrote once a little book called the 'Tramp's Itinerary,' and was recognised as an authority on the footpaths of England.
He was very unobservant except as to the peculiarities of footpaths, on which he was an authority.