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a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface

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But there were signs that this window had been recently open; the cobwebs were disturbed, and there were fresh dirty footmarks upon the window-sill.
Could a boat have taken her off, in such weather as this, from those rocks where her footmarks stop?
He snatched the boot out of my hand, and set it in a footmark on the sand, bearing south from us as we stood, and pointing straight towards the rocky ledge called the South Spit.
The Sergeant pointed to the boot in the footmark, without saying a word.
I saw the heavy footmarks of the constables, but I saw also the track of the two men who had first passed through the garden.
Do you tell me that in that time the guilty person managed to make footmarks in the corner, open the window, mark the sill with blood, take the wedding ring off the dead man's finger, and all the rest of it?
Curious, because, so far as one can trace any footmark in this mud-stained corner, one would say it was a more shapely sole.
Here is the footmark of Dingaan," I said to myself, and walked to and fro, groaning heavily.
The green growths in the sides of the ravines burned up to broken wires and curled films of dead stuff; the hidden pools sank down and caked over, keeping the last least footmark on their edges as if it had been cast in iron; the juicy-stemmed creepers fell away from the trees they clung to and died at their feet; the bamboos withered, clanking when the hot winds blew, and the moss peeled off the rocks deep in the Jungle, till they were as bare and as hot as the quivering blue boulders in the bed of the stream.
We searched the garden that night, but found no sign of the intruder, save that just under the window a single footmark was visible in the flower-bed.
When local people and youth tried to search for the murders, their footmarks were found in the forest but nobody was arrested," said the Twic East commissioner.
But without any footmarks or signs of breaking up for the spinners either, it meant England were able to move to 290-3 by the end of day three, focused on reaching and eclipsing Pakistan's 523-8 declared.
launched in 2014 and has worked with 15 commerce-focused startups to date, including Apruve, AppZen, CardFlight, Dash, Footmarks, Gone
There is still a bit of uneven bounce and there are footmarks for the spinners to work with.
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