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Synonyms for footmark

a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface

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The Sergeant pointed to the boot in the footmark, without saying a word.
Could a boat have taken her off, in such weather as this, from those rocks where her footmarks stop?
Do you tell me that in that time the guilty person managed to make footmarks in the corner, open the window, mark the sill with blood, take the wedding ring off the dead man's finger, and all the rest of it?
But there were signs that this window had been recently open; the cobwebs were disturbed, and there were fresh dirty footmarks upon the window-sill.
His footmarks had pressed right through the snow, so long had he stood there.
I therefore directed my attention at once to the garden path, which was saturated with recent rain, and would certainly show any footmarks.
I rose, and went into the garden, as soon as I could see, to ascertain if there were any footmarks under his window.
As per Hilling, the deal with PlexNet is the starting of a more aggressive plan to widen the vendors channel footmark in Australia.
The Belgian's every step leaves the footmark of confidence, the disbelief when he patted a straightforward chance straight at Foster was audible.
Knight - who has 60 offences to his name - was linked to the first offence after leaving a footmark with his Nike trainer.
The morning after the incident, when I woke up, my nanny informed me that there was a big sandy footmark on our kitchen counter.
That was after he came through an England review on the same score after the ball hit a footmark and was caught by Jonathan Trott at slip.
The move expands Diversified CPC International's footmark into the fluorocarbon refrigerant markets, with a focus on recycle and reuse, the company's president and CEO, William Auriemma, noted.
In the least, try doing what my mother does to reduce your plastic footmark.
It was quite clearly a footmark of a trainer or a boot," she said.