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a trunk for storing personal possessions


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DormCo's Armored trunks are also amid the most customizable of the footlockers DormCo offers.
While not one of the larger or flashier dorm room trunks available at DormCo, this footlocker provided just the trunk that was needed for college students looking for a reliable, inexpensive college footlocker.
The airtight, waterproof Medium Emergency Footlocker by CaseCruzer seals out filthy air particles, solvents and moisture.
Fast evacuations are possible with the Medium Emergency Footlocker thanks to its embedded wheels and pull-out handle.
Looters and thieves will leave empty-handed when valuables are stored in the Medium Emergency Footlocker.
Fortunately, organizing and planning with the Medium Emergency Footlocker can off-set what might otherwise seem like insurmountable odds.
The footlocker had an old brass "US" lock holding it closed.
Lying on top of the footlocker were two Nazi battle flags.
I was still looking over the Lugar pistol when Gordy pulled a short, black cardboard tube (like those used to mail posters) from the floor of the footlocker.
In addition to these four unique dorm trunk designs, SecureOnCampus also offers more traditional footlockers in 17 different colors.
com is the first online destination that is fully dedicated to the needs of college students and their parents offering the full spectrum of college safety products from dorm safes to college trunks and footlockers, from laptop safes and locks to personal alarms and self defense items for women, all hand selected to keep students and their valuables safe in their dorms while helping put parents to “worry less.