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Synonyms for foothold

Synonyms for foothold

an area in hostile territory that has been captured and is held awaiting further troops and supplies

a place providing support for the foot in standing or climbing


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an initial accomplishment that opens the way for further developments

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While the spectacle of the anticorruption protests gives its participants a sense of participating in epic History--"India's second freedom struggle"--the novel's spatial focus on margins and backdrops impels us to look backward at populations and nonhuman entities struggling for footholds in the future.
Shoei Electronics possesses development and production technology for PAS capacitors, a type of electrochemical capacitor, and Taiyo Yuden expects that this will become a foothold for new development in the energy devices industry.
When an Indian mining supplier wanted to establish a foothold in the Canadian mining sector, Sudbury was the place to start.
Moira had started better and all the decent football played in the first half came from the home side - but City worked hard to close down the Albion players and eventually gained a foothold on the game.
Because cancer is the cause of death for more people between the ages of 45 and 64 than anything else, there's an unprecedented effort to detect and stop it before it gets a foothold.
From 1603 until his death in 1635, Samuel de Champlain devoted all of his energies to giving France a foothold in the New World.
Anglo Beef Processors (ABP), the United Kingdom subsidiary of Irish Beef Processors, alms to expand its foothold in the growing frozen food sector through acquisition of a major Scottish sausage manufacturer.
UNION delegates took to the streets at the weekend in a bid to stop the British National Party gaining a foothold in North Wales.
Hear the fear in the reactionaries' voices as Manchester United plays to sold-out stadiums on its American tour this summer, the latest proof that soccer has gained its long-sought foothold in this country, that we live in a sports world without borders.
Tesco is about three months away from closing a deal that will give it a foothold in the Turkish market,
Washington Mould gives us a foothold in the primary metals industry and strengthens our customer base," said Frances Ladner, vice president of Whitman castings.
said Wednesday that with three partners it will open a new production foothold in Tianjin, eastern China, by the end of this month.
has gained a foothold in China with the launch of John Hancock Tianan Life Insurance Co.
The move is part of the prefectural government's efforts to become UNITAR's Asia-Pacific foothold, local government officials said, adding its bid depends on the success of the program.
Students then rely on the Equal Access Act -- federal legislation that allows pupils in public secondary schools to form religious clubs under certain conditions -- to gain a foothold in the school.