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On steep slopes, your feet should be wrapped in rope or wire, or you should wear specially-adapted footgear to prevent sliding.
Nurses should educate patients receiving estrogens, especially those with histories of circulatory problems, to avoid standing in 1 position for prolonged periods, avoid heat which is a vasodilator, avoid obesity, excercise regularly, wear appropriate footgear, and follow other good health practices.
Consequently, it is not in the least strange that Jaume (after the shock and once he had recovered his balance and the watering can) thought that something serious was amiss when he saw Elies running nonstop without regard to the irreparable damage to his footgear.
For the individual marine commando or paratrooper who had waded ashore a week earlier, the salt particles in the water had crystallized in his boots, and it was almost impossible for the footgear to dry out.
The Globetrotter website says it stocks 25,000 items, and its approach can be illustrated with footgear.
Another new rule that has come about in recent years is a requirement that oil-field workers traveling to the North Slope on the Shared Services jets from Anchorage must carry with them onboard a heavy coat, gloves, hat and some type of substantial footgear, according to Stahl, at ConocoPhillips.
As the AFCCA noted dryly, "At no point did [the trial counsel] make even a token effort to link the condition of [the accused's] footgear to his drug use or other misconduct.
We were mighty glad to hit this place I tell you and get into dry footgear, for all hands had wet feet
Students large and small drifted through the streets, fully outfitted with the tools of their unchosen trade: new footgear, new clothing, new pencils, and, for the younger set, new crayons and new lunch boxes.
The pre-game gift exchange generated little post-game comment in the papers, outside of the New York Times' Alison Danzig who did note, almost in passing, that the Soviets "prized the footgear above all else.
In contrast, spending on clothing and footgear fell 2.
But if he helps his part-time Alloa team-mates beat SPL Livingston tomorrow, it won't be down to the latest designer footgear, just a cheap pair of Reeboks.
We have to collect headgear, uniforms, footgear, and other items used by our soldiers today, before it is too late.
Moving toward the purchase of overpriced automobiles may be the inevitable next step for the black youth Patillo-McCoy documents as obsessed with another expensive and highly visible means of getting around: brandname, celebrity-endorsed athletic footgear.
I found the boot comfortable with a short break-in period, and, for such light footgear, strong arch support.