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Synonyms for footfall

the act or manner of going on foot

Synonyms for footfall

the sound of a step of someone walking


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The full moon was about three hours above the eastern horizon; the entire countryside had the solemn stillness of a summer night; our footfalls and the ceaseless song of the katydids were the only sound aloof.
There were, for a while, soft whisperings and footfalls in the chamber, as one after another stole in, to look at the dead; and then came the little coffin; and then there was a funeral, and carriages drove to the door, and strangers came and were seated; and there were white scarfs and ribbons, and crape bands, and mourners dressed in black crape; and there were words read from the Bible, and prayers offered; and St.
Genevieve asked, the while their footfalls rang out on the frosty air.
I listened to his unsteady footfalls by my side for the space of several strides.
You have been reading English poetry with her," he said, immovable now, like another man altogether, a complete stranger to the man of the heavy and uncertain footfalls a little while ago--at my elbow.
His mind, she says, was indeed a "Haunted Palace," echoing to the footfalls of angels and demons.
Beside them, in the impenetrable thickets that fringed the path, rising to arch above it and shut out the moon, the girl could hear the stealthy, muffled footfalls of great beasts, and ever round about them rose the deafening roars of hunting lions, until the earth trembled to the mighty sound.
RETAIL footfall in Wales is continuing to lag behind the rest of the UK.
It is the ninth consecutive month that footfall has fallen on the year, based on the number of individual shoppers entering more than 4,000 non-food retail stores across the UK.
HIGH street footfall for the Boxing Day sales fell by 5.
OCTOBER storms led to a sharp decline in footfall on the high street as retailers began to see the first signs of a slowdown in consumer spending, figures show.
While there are plenty of applications to give retailers of insights into the buying habits of their customers, gaining information about customer footfall in a physical space is more difficult to acquire.
THE number of shoppers hitting the high streets in Wales rose last month after previous footfall figures had shown a slump.
The 20th edition of DSS (running from 1 July 12 August) has generated improved sales and footfall at shopping malls and thousands of participating retail outlets.
Mr Bains said his store had failed to see much of the footfall promised by leasing agents, tasked with attracting new occupiers to the then councilowned centre.