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After digging down as far as I could (I hit ledge after only two feet in one corner), I then poured an 8-inch wide footer, leaving myself 24 inches from the top of the footer to the newly repaired sill.
This is useful if you want everyone in a department to use the same headers and footers on all documents--everyone with access to the network drive can share the same book.
You have a valid point about the template we use for the footer, and we have added it to our list of things to consider the next time we meet about the Journal's design elements.
Footer began his career in the housewares industry in 1947, when as a young lawyer and entrepreneur he started Easy Day Manufacturing -- which went on to become Butler Home Products -- in a 600-square-foot facility in Chelsea, Mass.
Make more room in the OrderDate Footer section by moving down the CompanyName Footer bar at the top.
Why can't we just go directly into the header or footer to make changes?
Harrington said: "Paul missed a nine-footer at the last and a 10- footer at 17 unlike on Sunday.
Now you can add a path statement in an Excel footer .
Access data in multiple footers - Previous versions allowed a single footer template.
To help ensure that clients are in compliance with the law, EmailLabs has added a new Mailing Address Footer feature to its core hosted software.