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the property of favoring one foot over the other (as in kicking a ball)

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Each player's footedness was assessed according to Markou and Vagenas (2006).
The relative frequency (%) of the players in the 3x3 contingency of footedness by professional training age (PTA) level is given in Table 1.
Footedness tests have not been conducted on nonhuman primates, MacNeilage notes, because there is not yet an established way to elicit foot preferences in monkeys and apes.
But the slick gearbox swaps ratios so seamlessly even without using the clutch that the bike never unsettles, contributing to the Shiver's sure footedness.
The versatility to play across the back four - effortlessly - was underlined by a natural two footedness rare in a modern footballer.
He then made a fine save but also proceeded to drop a daft cross in his own six-yard area before demonstrating worrying leaden footedness for Portugal's equaliser.
They are noted for their endurance, sure- footedness and intelligence.
David Beckham - so restricted by his one- footedness as I keep pointing out- is also no greyhound and the result was one of his dullest international performances.
He added: "There are major timing issues and stompy flat footedness that make it laboured.
Smith was rewarded for his early rampages with his side's second try eight minutes later, although his touchdown had as much to do with Adrian Lam's quick footedness as his own brute strength.
The name "New Canoe" reflects a balanced commitment to both innovation and tradition, adventure and sure footedness -- the virtues of the old economy and the spirit of the new economy.
Yet the feel of the car under any circumstances is one of solidity and sure footedness.
Its sure footedness and agility definitely make it the compact people mover to beat.
Chrysler today is a company with the guts of a Viper, the sure- footedness of a Grand Cherokee, and the basic common sense of a minivan.