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the property of favoring one foot over the other (as in kicking a ball)

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Subsequently, researchers asked 120 participants to hug a mannequin to investigate the influence of handedness and footedness.
2005) Footedness as a potential factor that contributes to the causation of corn and callus formation in lower extremities of physically active individuals.
Each player's footedness was assessed according to Markou and Vagenas (2006).
Though much emphasis has been given to handedness, few studies have investigated footedness (34) and eyedness (4,33,35,36) too.
Footedness tests have not been conducted on nonhuman primates, MacNeilage notes, because there is not yet an established way to elicit foot preferences in monkeys and apes.
Studies suggest that conditions like flat footedness and high ankle sprains, which are often attributed to our modern, inactive lifestyle, were in fact plaguing our ancestors as many of 3.
No, he hasn't taken a hop, step, and jump like Jonathan Edwards or run a mile with the fleet footedness of Steve Cram.
The other type of flat footedness, "rigid flat feet" (RFF), is more serious.
Rewarded for my dainty footedness with a row of sprouting cannabis leaves or a blue neon glow of goodness.
But the slick gearbox swaps ratios so seamlessly even without using the clutch that the bike never unsettles, contributing to the Shiver's sure footedness.
The versatility to play across the back four - effortlessly - was underlined by a natural two footedness rare in a modern footballer.
He then made a fine save but also proceeded to drop a daft cross in his own six-yard area before demonstrating worrying leaden footedness for Portugal's equaliser.
Yet the feel of the car under any circumstances is one of solidity and sure footedness.
David Beckham - so restricted by his one- footedness as I keep pointing out- is also no greyhound and the result was one of his dullest international performances.