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a unit of illuminance on a surface that is everywhere 1 foot from a point source of 1 candle

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That means that if the average footcandle measurement for an area is 4 footcandles, the level for any part of that area should never be less than one footcandle.
A footcandle, therefore, is equal to a luminous flux of one lumen per square foot.
LEDs also offer the benefit of optics that place light exactly where it should go instead of letting it spill out, allowing you to maintain a uniform footcandle level instead of intentionally overlighting to make sure the poorest-lit areas still meet the minimum requirement.
LED downlights (Dasal), along with LED wall washing and cove lighting behind the desk create this more relaxed atmosphere, as the illuminance level dips from 40 footcandles at the elevators to 15 fc at reception.
Industry standards are based on IESNA recommended footcandle levels.
Once the candlepower intensity of a fixture being considered for use is determined, some people use a mathematical formula to estimate the amount of footcandle illumination at the target.
Many lighting specifiers would try to meet these design objectives by looking for a recommended footcandle level in an application guide.
To verify perceived shortcomings, use a light level meter to measure footcandle levels.
0 footcandle for the average illuminance on the streets and sidewalks.
By having the newly installed 95-watt LED cluster of light project upwards from the top of the pendant bowl directly into the upper reflector surface, the library actually achieved higher task area footcandle measurements than with the use of the old bulbs.
A footcandle is the accepted measurement of light level in the US and is defined as the amount of light one candle would make at a distance of 1 ft.
The IES also offers specific footcandle guidelines based on the lighting's purpose, whether it be safety or accent lighting.
By comparison, the new energy efficient Columbia replacement fixtures employ a single 32W T8 lamp powered by a Lutron Ecosystem electronic dimming ballast tuned to desired footcandle and energy levels.
Rogers used footcandle measurements to select fixtures after determining that the restaurants needed 30-50 fc in the dining room and 80 over the order counter and in the kitchen area.
ONE footcandle is the illumination on a one-square-foot surface by a uniformly distributed lumen of light.