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a man employed as a servant in a large establishment (as a palace) to run errands and do chores

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Genteel blinds and makeshifts were more or less observable as soon as their doors were opened; screens not half high enough, which made dining-rooms out of arched passages, and warded off obscure corners where footboys slept at nights with their heads among the knives and forks; curtains which called upon you to believe that they didn't hide anything; panes of glass which requested you not to see them; many objects of various forms, feigning to have no connection with their guilty secret, a bed; disguised traps in walls, which were clearly coal-cellars; affectations of no thoroughfares, which were evidently doors to little kitchens.
Under the charter of OPLAN--34A, MACSOG executed four types of unconventional missions against the DRV under the Footboy program.
As soon as times are quiet that base-wanker gets to be lieutenant, and I, for fuck's sake, am reduced to be the footboy of fuckin' queen Cassio.
Shenstone ordered the footboy, who followed behind them, to pursue the robber at a distance, and observe whither he went.
465, hence, "Ox, the footboy, starved himself," which conflicts with the original story.