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a narrow platform on which to stand or brace the feet

a vertical board or panel forming the foot of a bedstead

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Description: This recall involves electric, battery-operated City Scooters that are pink and black with Hello Kitty graphics on the front panel, footboard and rear fenders.
What gives this sleigh bed contemporary styling is the iron detail work on the headboard and footboard.
The stateroom features a king bed with a plasma TV that lifts out of the footboard.
The bassinets have a dark brown wooden headboard and footboard and a cotton bassinet that comes in a variety of colors and patterns.
A SCOTS couple claim they have found the answer to losing weight without exercise or counting calories - a footboard.
The $399 bed is among the company's "SKU-savers" -- models with a headboard that converts into a footboard, simplifying ordering process for retailers.
The carved molding on the sleigh bed wraps completely around the headboard and footboard, so this bed can be "floated" away from the walls.
joinery construction stage, painted about 200 m sills made of MDF; 140 m clothing mullion-transom facade with MDF, painted; about 370 m curbs lacquered MDF; Staircase: handrail, footboard, oak balustrade approx 100m; 1 kitchenette Ei 2.
Hazard: The hardware holding the headboard and footboard can loosen or detach, posing a fall hazard.
We carry some headboard and footboard combinations, a couple of styles of futon frames and one style of twin-over-full bunk bed," said Rick Lamb, vice president of merchandising.
The IVC Universal Bed Ends are interchangeable as a headboard or footboard, and they are interchangeable among Invacare's Semi-Electric Bed, Full-Electric Bed, and Manual Beds.
Sleek, compact fan easily slides between footboard and mattress to create a good night's sleep