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a small bathtub for warming or washing or disinfecting the feet

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Minneapolis Community and Technical College also sparked controversy earlier this year when plans were announced to create footbaths for Muslims.
We are urging all poultry farmers to maintain high biosecurity measures, such as disinfectant footbaths, and feeding and watering their free range birds indoors to deter wild birds from landing on their fields.
This is the cleaning and maintenance of showers and footbaths, manual cleaning banks, installation, maintenance and removal of furniture beaches and sand movement.
A major restructuring of the reception area, changing rooms, cabins, footbaths should allow in particular, improved accessibility (shod and non-shod feet) and access to persons with reduced mobility.
Organic material significantly reduces the effectiveness of most products used in footbaths,' he said.
Davinio Catbagan, chief of the veterinary quarantine services at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, said disinfectant footbaths will be installed Monday at that and other international airports, including in Cebu City, as an additional precautionary measure.
dips for vehicles at the various access points and constructing places for pedestrian footbaths and so on.
Upkeep and cleaning of drinking fountains, showers, footbaths, their pipes, and gateways beach.
Precautionary guidelines recommended by officials include footbaths of disinfectant on the premises, ensuring all equipment is sterilised before use and safely storing carcasses of any dead birds in lidded containers.
It is easy to use and, being based on plant ingredients, is environmentally safer than copper sulfate and formalin-based footbaths.
Taking this concept further along the track, the country's bullet trains will soon offer passengers a chance to soothe their tired feet in a carriage fully equipped with footbaths.
In addition, she asked to check that the pedicure footbaths and filters are thoroughly disinfected before you use them.
The separate prayer rooms for men and women offer beautiful Arabic carpets and separate footbaths.
To address the importance of substrate, the development of clinical signs in individuals was compared among aviaries that contained rubber matting and/or salt footbaths, and controls.
The law stipulates that pools shared by more than one family are classed as public swimming pools and therefore must comply with specific regulations such as providing a lifeguard, separate male and female toilets, showers and footbaths.