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a small bathtub for warming or washing or disinfecting the feet

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The new shed is also closer to the milking parlour so they don't have to walk as far and the footbath will help keep their hooves in top condition.
Bathing is a ritualized and highly-prized activity in Japan and the footbaths are intended as places for passengers to relax rather than to clean their feet.
His wife usually prepared hot water footbaths for him to improve his feet circulation.
New York University and over 15 colleges and universities have announced plans, to or had footbaths installed.
To address the importance of substrate, the development of clinical signs in individuals was compared among aviaries that contained rubber matting and/or salt footbaths, and controls.
The law stipulates that pools shared by more than one family are classed as public swimming pools and therefore must comply with specific regulations such as providing a lifeguard, separate male and female toilets, showers and footbaths.
This place does it all for skin and body care - facials, microdermabrasions, body wraps, massage therapy, ionic footbaths, etc.
You could walk away with an infection due to the use of unsanitary tools and contaminated footbaths if the pedicure salon doesn't practice proper hygiene.
Leeds-type ware continued to be produced, impressed with the trademark 'Brameld', but they also began to produce cheaper pearl and stone china wares, A vast range of china products were produced from grand dinner services for the tables of noblemen, down to the humble products of footbaths.
Measures implemented included provision of disinfectant hand washes and footbaths at selected points around the reserve, and regular disinfection of site infrastructure, the group said.
There will also be pedicures, reflexology, massages, footbaths and a spot prize competition.
Americans United faulted the university officials' claims that the new facilities are a reasonable accommodation of religion and insisted that building the footbaths would "provide a benefit to one particular religious group.
To prevent you falling asleep there are also ice fountains, cave showers which recreate a thunder storm and bubbling footbaths.
Many farmers underestimate the extent of lameness in their herds, but regular footbaths can be an important weapon against disease, resulting in content cattle and better milk yields.
To remedy the situation, the university decided to spend $25,000 to install two footbaths.