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a small bathtub for warming or washing or disinfecting the feet

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It will feature footbaths, automatic hairbrushes which groom the cows on contact and memory foam mattresses in stalls that will be 30% larger than traditionally used.
They have also created hard surfaces in the collecting areas where sheep enter and exit the footbath to ensure the animals get the maximum benefit from the treatment.
4, 5) The use of thermal footbath as a cause of burn injury is mostly due to patient-misuse or ignorance of correct usage.
Erythema Ab igne after footbath with Chinese herbal remedies.
Begin your journey in the serene relaxation lounge, followed by an exhilarating footbath ritual at the Armani/SPA, which assures an unwinding experience that puts your mind, body and spirit at ease and in harmony.
The oils can be applied by infusion through inhalation, in a footbath, through a compress to the skin or a drop on the hand.
A salt footbath relieves swelling after a hard day at work, smoothens rough skin and helps to prevent sweating.
The station incorporates a footbath for disinfection of shoes and boots.
Each of these chapters includes tips for encouraging relaxation such as how to prepare a footbath, use the breath and drape the receiver.
Occupying a majority of the 19th floor of the famed Waldorf Towers, the 14,000 square-foot Guerlain Spa features 16 treatment rooms, a state-of-the-art footbath lounge, interconnecting and double rooms for couples and groups, freshly prepared beverages and stunning views of midtown Manhattan.
Now Dr Chandler, of Warwick University's department of plant and environmental sciences, is waging war on the mite with his fungal footbath.
will participate in building the eco-friendly house and a footbath in a 280-square-meter site within an international media center to open in Rusutsu for the G-8 summit.
In dry, dusty places, a footbath is welcome at the end of a journey, as the Gospels record it was for Jesus.
The ion-rich water comes from a spring more than 4,600 feet underground) An open-air footbath flows like a creek, laid with stones sharp and smooth, large and pebbly.