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Synonyms for football



Synonyms for football

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Armstrong, and football does not come within my horizon.
What with boxing, football, and baseball, I had been in training since childhood.
Lieutenant Smith-Oldwick saw these things and then with increasing wonder he saw the ape-man swerve, too, and leap for the spotted cat as a football player leaps for a runner.
After the football season opens I won't have any spare Saturday afternoons.
It leads him to the rifle and the drill ground as naturally as the boys of your country turn to the cricket fields and the football ground.
We were about as ready for war as Lady Conyers there is to play Rugby football for Oxford.
After all, he's an International, so if he takes half an hour to describe a game of football he has more right to do it than most folk.
After luncheon he cornered Macintosh, one of the members whom he knew to have been a college man, because of his football reputation.
He saw her come down the aisle, with Arthur and a strange young man with a football mop of hair and eyeglasses, the sight of whom spurred him to instant apprehension and jealousy.
They attempted to make a goal-keeper of him in a football game between two teams of pain-driven and pain-bitten mongrels.
He must have been digging some time, because the hole was already big enough to drop a football into.
Tomboys make strong women usually, and I had far rather find Rose playing football with Mac than puttering over bead-work like that affected midget, Ariadne Blish.
I had been made love to by beardless sophomores and gray professors, and by the athletes and the football giants.
Lanoline had risen out of the abyss, like a faint smell, a goblin football, telling of a life where love and hatred had both decayed.
He himself had played football and gone bird-nesting with the farmers whom he met at vestry and the labourers who tilled their fields, and so had his father and grandfather, with their progenitors.