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It was hardly slavery but it wasn't much more than a notch above hard work and only the attendant glamour of being a footballer made it something special.
Milk is the drink of the professional footballer because.
Mobile phone footage played in court showing the woman in bed with Toon players Kevin Mbabu, 21, and Rolando Aarons, 20, nailed the lie that she pretended to have no interest in footballers - wrecking her credibility to a jury.
What on earth were you thinking of, preparing for this event by going out on Saturday night and ending up in bed with two professional footballers until the early hours of the morning?
The pro-EU campaign are now claiming we'll have fewer foreign footballers in the British leagues if we leave the European Union.
Officers also ordered the arrest of the Emirati footballer for his appearance in the video, which spread across social media.
It featured the anonymous responses of 419 professional footballers in Cyprus, from a pool of 1,800.
According to the poll results, Ali Aziz from Ararat FC was named as the best footballer in the Premier League after winning most of the votes.
Sayle said that she does not know one footballer from the next, so she told the man that he had to pay like everyone who came in, but he replied that he had never paid entry into clubs.
FORMER Aston Villa star and now businessman Ian Taylor fears few modern footballers could follow in his footsteps because they have been shielded from the harsh realities of life.
He's a big, strong lad who has the attributes to be a good footballer, but a little extra coaching in various areas will help.
These are, of course, fundamental skills needed to be a top footballer, and so it was no surprise to see the professionals score highly.
There are few who earn pounds 100,000 a week - the average salary for a footballer is pounds 27,000 a year which is a normal wage.
Glamour model Imogen Thomas has vowed to never hook up with a footballer again following allegations that she had an affair with Manchester United star Ryan Giggs.
A SCOTTISH newspaper yesterday identified the footballer being linked to a controversial privacy case.