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shaped in the form of a football

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But to the astronomers' astonishment, the RR Lyrae stars do not follow football-shaped orbits, but have large random motions more consistent with their having formed at a great distance from the centre of the Milky Way.
Let's savour the League Two play-off final between Bradford and Northampton because once it's over there will be a football-shaped hole in our lives at 3pm.
Designed as a cross between a traditional worm sinker and a football jig, football-shaped The Rock from Jewel Bait Company has an angled hole in the side.
2] Cover the wire and build a football-shaped underbody with the thread.
Let us move beyond in-store displays that simply sell football-shaped dishes adjacent to the popcorn and chips during football season.
From football-shaped pizza crusts to sweepstakes for tickets, and even a chance to become a millionaire and TV commercial producer, supermarket shoppers are about to be blitzed with promotions capitalizing on the excitement of Super Bowl XLV, set for Feb.
15pm) watch it buyit FOOTBALL anthems will sound even stronger when they're played on this football-shaped iPod speaker dock.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the devotional practice is getting a more manly reputation, with new rosaries made of nylon, ball bearings, and football-shaped beads.
They also wanted to reach rates of more than 100 cases per minute, which they did successfully by using a slat sorter that uses oblong, football-shaped pins operated on rotary air cylinders for quiet operation at speeds up to 650 feet per minute.
In mid-November, we have a national campaign with Holland & Barrett, where consumers can sample our football-shaped GO3 chewable vitamins.
Daniel from Sketty in Swansea suffers from keratoconus, which affected the shape of his corneas - they were becoming rugby ball-shaped, rather than football-shaped.
The team have produced a material from a football-shaped molecule, called carbon60, to demonstrate how a superconductor - something that does not oppose the steady passage of an electric current - works at temperatures suitable for commercial use in cities and towns.
It also launched 95cl PET football-shaped bottles for the European soccer championships in May 2008.
Many of the mourners joined in the football the me and the church was full of red and white flowers and football-shaped wreaths for Friday's service.
Many of the 200 mourners joined in the theme and the church was full of red and white flowers and football-shaped wreaths.