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shaped in the form of a football

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The football-shaped fish can grow up to 18 inches long and is poisonous to the touch.
The high street chemist is cutting the cost of over 1,000 products - from lip gloss to football-shaped soap.
Named after the architect, Buckminster Fuller, the`Bucky Balls', as the molecules are now known, are made up of 60 carbon atoms formed into a football-shaped sphere of hexagons and pentagons.
Row upon row of St George's flags waved on the balcony and scores of helium football-shaped balloons stood silently tall waiting to bounce for an England victory or deflate with another defeat.
A sweet ending of football-shaped churros with a chocolate dipping sauce ($5.
Among the floral tributes was a football-shaped wreath of white and pale blue carnations set on a piece of astroturf and bound in a purple ribbon.
In addition, football fans can choose either generic football-shaped balloons or balloons in the colours of four of the 16 teams taking part, namely England, France, Germany and Italy, in three different pack formats and prices.
Seen through a telescope, the planet currently shows a tiny, football-shaped (gibbous) disk.
New limited edition football-shaped donuts and team-colored sprinkle donuts are the perfect pair for tailgating
Football-shaped barbecues, low-slung sun seats and sunshades are likely to be other hot trends, according to Garden Industry Manufacturers Association director Neil Gow.
For instance, in the late 1990s, Hutzler and his Trinity colleagues discovered that a vertical seam at which several soap films meet would gulp down a spherical droplet of soap solution and transform it, temporarily, into a football-shaped antibubble that descends while trapped in the seam.
They had lots of fun in the pool with the Zone staff, playing games and enjoying a birthday tea with a football-shaped cake.
So I didn't laugh when I saw Paddy's football-shaped cot.
This wan comedy concerns a bratty Valley girl named Allie (Hallee Hirsh) who steals a football-shaped gizmo from Santa's summer cabin; discovering it to be a machine that controls the weather, she promptly turns it to the ``snow'' command because she figures a blizzard will get her out of a school assignment and give her more time to (this being a Disney Channel movie) go shopping at the mall.
From a technical point of view I am not sure how tissues will sit inside the football-shaped box or how easily they can be pulled out.